Community behind MedicRelief

What is DoctorRelief?

DoctorRelief is a medical community of healthcare professionals passionate about digital health and clinical collaboration. Together, we created MedicRelief, a Telehealth Platform designed to complement our existing practice.

Founded in 2011

Our history began when a group of doctors working in regional Australia started MedicRelief as a way for us to provide relief to our colleagues when they required time off work or support. The effort that culminated in the service you see today started in 2015, when we expanded to provide medical relief to patients as well. From there, we created a video calling telehealth platform that enhanced the patient care that we provide. As technology and medicine has evolved, we further developed our platform to also complement our doctor’s existing private practice whilst giving them greater control over their time.

We all understand video calls cannot replace physical consults so by integrating MedicRelief at work, we help facilitate better communication and continuity of care. This way, the ability to track the continuity of care along with providing a safe and secure environment for our patients is at the forefront of our ethics and so we designed and developed the MedicRelief platform to benefit everyone with industry-leading encryption and security that exceeds industry standards.

Best Possible Telehealth Practice… always

We are Doctors, we designed MedicRelief to ensure we can offer the best possible Medical Service to our patients whilst ensuring that we adhere to Legal and Medical codes of conduct globally. 

We have created a platform that recognises every facet of the successful treatment of a patient. MedicRelief is a Medical IT network of support with connection not only for the Doctor and patient but every service that plays a part in the health and well being of the patient, from the physical practice or treatment room, through to Allied Services, Specialist Referrals and eDocumentation – from scripts through to certificates and everything in between is documented and protected.

As the world, medicine and IT evolves we are committed to do so also. Being part of our network ensures that your needs and voice are heard, assisting our commitment to being at the forefront of Medical Support Services of the future.

DoctorRelief - the community behind MedicRelief